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Sebastian Dark Oil

Dark Oil Shampoo 8.4 oz This line is magical and smells amazing! Lite weight shampoo that adds body and won’t weigh your hair down

Dark Oil Condtioner 8.4 oz Ultra moisturizing and smoothing. Let it sit in your hair a few minutes to help detangle 

Dark Oil 3.2 oz  Calms frizz, adds smoothness and shine. Works best on medium to thick hair

Use this rich, delicious mask once a week. You will love the smell and feel of your hair afterwards!

Smaller 1.7 oz Dark Oil

Matrix Biolage Hyrdasource + Pravana Repair Mask

Biolage Hydrasource Shampoo & Conditioning Balm.  This is our go-to set. Lite, cleansing shampoo and rich, moisturizing conditioner that really helps detangle

Shampoo & Conditioner, 13.5 oz

The Leave-In Tonic is the best detangler you will find!

Extremely hydrating mask for dry, over processed, or brittle hair.  You will feel the difference!

Kenra Styling Products

Weightless, adds shine and smoothes flyaways. Great for blondes needing shine

Flip your head over and spray for second day volume

This magic potion will cut your blow dry time down dramatically while adding intense heat protection

Add to wet hair before blow drying to get movement and shine

Defines curls while keeping them soft and touchable

Eleven Australia Line

Liteweight yet very hydrating shampoo and conditioner

Our fave serum! Smoothes frizz, adds shine. Use on wet hair and again on dry ends. You can also  combine with a curl cream for frizz-free curls

Smoothing shampoo for thick or course hair

Moisturizes and smoothes frizzy, thick hair

Everyone needs this! It truly does all 11 things it claims to do

Other Stylng Favorites

Add to towel dried roots, then blowdry in the opposite direction for big volume

Dry shampoo in a paste form, so cool! Asorbs oil and adds texture and volume

This cheap dry shampoo is our favorite! Absorbs oil and adds some grit and volume the more you layer it

Lite enough to layer and adds instant volume at your roots. Perfect small size to keep in your purse

Smoothing cream for sleek, shine, smoother hair. Works great combined with serum for straight hair and also compliments curl cream for curly hair

Scalp Care & Hair Regrowth Products

Don’t worry that it is targeted to Men! The main ingredient is 5% Minoxidil Hair Growth Solution. This is the tried & true ingredient found in Rogaine. Steph has been using this for months and now has new hairs sprouting! It’s cheap, but works if you use it consistently

Use this scalp brush to massage your scalp after applying regrowth solution or serum to massage the blood vessels and help activate your hair follicles

Add this to your morning coffee or tea. You won’t taste it at all! This has also helped Steph grow longer, thicker hair, and she swear’s it helps keep her skin clear and calm redness

This vitamin helps clear skin, keeps the hair you have from falling out prematurely and promotes new hair growth. Steph has also been taking this consistently and noticed a huge decline in hair shedding, softer hair, and clearer skin

Dermatologist recommended! This line is more expensive but has won several awards for best hair regrowth vitamin blend

This one is also dermatologist recommended and has rave reviews of its effectiveness

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